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Intrepid club member Roger and friend James took on the 'Le Jog' rally in December, his first foray into rallying, with the attitude 'how hard can it be?'. His very understanding fiancée (now his wife) bravely let him borrow her XJ Coupe. Le Jog is acknowledged to be one of the toughest classic car rallies, covering over 1500 miles between Lands End and John O'Groats over 4 days and nights. Not too daunting you may say, but when you include numerous regularity tests, off road tests, day and night driving, and penalties for missing any checkpoint the enormity of the challenge starts to dawn.

As you see from the pictures below they did make it to John O'Groats, the car not looking as pristine as at the start. A post-event comment on the Le Jog website reads 'One of the bravest crews were James and Roger, just for the fact that they have been taking their large 1976 Jaguar XJC through many of the narrow and twisty Le Jog challenges, but to do it without windscreen wipers after the motor packed up is daring. They were last seen this morning rubbing potatoes over their windscreen, so the rain would streak over the glass.'
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